Frequently Asked Questions


Teacher's Market is an online marketplace where teachers can buy and sell original educational resources, to aid in their teaching.

Teacher’s Market seeks to enhance the quality of education through collaboration, innovation, and accessibility among teachers. Teacher’s Market provides a platform where educators can access and sell a wide range of high-quality educational resources. Teachers who have original content can make additional income by selling or sharing it with others.

Teacher’s market targets educators, including teachers, administrators, curriculum developers, tutors, resource creators, and homeschooling parents, looking for high-quality and innovative educational resources to enhance their teaching and engage their students.

Yes. There are two types of memberships in Teacher's Market - a FREE membership and a PREMIUM membership. While joining Teacher's Market is free, the premium membership comes with additional benefits. However, during this promotional time, the PREMIUM membership is also free, which means all members currently have access to premium features.

Yes, the resources available on the platform are designed to support a wide range of educational settings, including homeschooling. Benefit from the diverse selection of resources, lesson plans, and teaching strategies available on Teacher's Market.

Teacher's Market welcomes everyone to utilize our platform for any resources they can buy or sell, whether it be for projects, classes, or any educational purpose.

Joining Teacher's Market is completely free. However, there are two types of memberships: a free membership and a premium membership. During this promotional period, the premium membership is free, so anyone can access all of the features and benefits of the premium membership for free.

Clicking on the "TEACH'' button takes you to ClassForThat where you can create and schedule classes. Make sure to complete your Profile information in ClassForThat for the best presentation of your classes. Visit the FAQ or Tutorials sections in ClassForThat to learn more about its features and functionality.

To contact Teacher's Market support for any help or inquiries, send an email to Feel free to reach out for help with your account or to address questions about a resource or a problem.

Teacher's Market is a global platform. Its headquarters are located in Miami, Florida, USA.

Teacher's Market's referral system allows teachers to earn extra income by referring other teachers to the platform, helping grow the Teacher’s Market community. When referring another teacher, make sure they enter your referral code (found in your dashboard) when they register. For a period of 6 months, you will get a percentage of commissions received by Teacher’s Market from teachers you refer (15%), and from teachers they refer (4%), and from teachers referred by that second level (1%) (total three levels). So if you refer 10 teachers, each of them refer 10 teachers (100) and each of them refer 10 teachers (1000) you get a part of the commission of the 1110 referred directly or indirectly by you.

Thank you for your kind words! If you would like to share your testimonial, please send an email to including your name and testimonial. Please note that your testimonial may be showcased showing only your first name on the website, app, and marketing materials. Thank you for your support!

Do not share your login credentials, such as your username and password. Please note that Teacher's Market will never request this information from you. If you received an email requesting login information, please ignore and contact Teacher’s Market directly using the links provided at the bottom of the website. Additionally, if you suspect an email to be a scam or phishing attempt, please forward it to and include the word "scam" in the subject line.

To log in to your existing Teacher's Market account, go to the top right-hand corner of the homepage and click on the "Login" button. Enter your email and password into the provided fields, and then click on the "Login" button. If you don't have an account yet, you can click on the "Register" button instead. If you're having difficulty remembering your password, simply click on the "Forgot your password?" link and you will be guided through a process to reset your password.

If you have trouble remembering your password, click on the "Forgot your password?" link in the Login section and you will be guided through the process to reset your password. In the process, you will receive an email with instructions. If you cannot locate the email, please check your spam or trash folders, including any "Promotions" folder if you are a Gmail user.

Send an email to for assistance if you're unable to access the email associated with your account.

Go to your profile and click on the Deactivate Account link. Teacher’s Market values your feedback, so please let us know the reason for leaving. Keep in mind that deactivating your account means losing access to any purchased resources and if you have a balance available for transfer, ensure you transfer it before deactivating your account. If you want to reactivate your account in the future, send an email to

No, we currently do not have a live app for Teacher's Market. However, we are actively working on developing one. In the meantime, you can access Teacher's Market through a desktop computer at, or on your mobile device using a web browser.

The TEACH button takes you to ClassForThat, an online marketplace for teaching and learning any subject, and the creator of Teacher’s Market. You can go there to create and teach classes to students on any subject in which you have expertise. Your Teacher’s Market profile information will transfer over but you may need to add more information. You can return to the Teacher’s Market service by clicking on the MARKET button from ClassForThat.

ClassForThat is an online and in person marketplace for teaching and learning any subject, and also the creator of Teacher’s Market. You can go there by clicking on the TEACH button to create and teach classes to students on any subject in which you have expertise. Your Teacher’s Market profile information will transfer over but you may need to add more information. You can return to the Teacher’s Market service by clicking on the MARKET button from ClassForThat.

ClassForThat is an online marketplace where students find teachers and take online, in person or recorded classes, both for one-on-one and group instruction. Students compare teachers according to criteria important to them.

If you would like to teach classes in ClassForThat, simply click on the "TEACH" button located in the top right corner of the website. This will take you to ClassForThat, where you can create and schedule your classes.

The heart is our way of letting you bookmark a resource. If you come across a resource that you love or wish to revisit later, simply click on the heart. It will turn red, indicating that the resource has been added to your "Favorites".

Accessing your favorite resources is easy. Simply click on the heart located in the top menu. This will direct you to your "Favorites" page, where all your selected resources are stored for easy access.

Absolutely. If you decide you no longer want a resource in your "Favorites", simply go to your "Favorites" page and click the red heart associated with that particular resource. The heart will turn white, and the resource will be removed from your list.

No, there's no limit! You can favorite as many resources as you like, making it easier for you to curate and manage resources that catch your eye.

No, favoriting a resource simply saves it for your reference. It doesn't initiate a download or purchase. When you wish to buy, just click on 'SEE DETAILS' for the resource and proceed as directed.

Your favorites are automatically sorted by the date you added them, with the most recent ones appearing at the top.

Currently, the Favorites list is a personal feature, accessible only to you when you are logged into your Teacher's Market account. We are always working on enhancing our features, so stay tuned for any updates on this!

While we strive to maintain a consistent and extensive library of resources, availability may change. If a seller deletes a resource, it will be permanently removed from your Favorites. If a seller deactivates a resource, it will be temporarily removed from your Favorites, but will reappear if the seller reactivates it.

You will not be automatically notified if a resource in your Favorites is on sale. However, we encourage you to regularly check your "Favorites" page and the individual resource pages for any updates on prices.


Register for free on the Teacher's Market website, create your profile and start creating ‘uploading’ your resources by clicking the ‘Create Resource’ button on the ‘My Resources’ tab. Name your resource, upload the preview and downloadable files for your resource, describe and set the price for your resource. Select the grades, subjects, type, country, language and keywords for your resource. After completing all the necessary information, you publish your resource by clicking "Save". Once the resource is published, anyone can purchase it. You will receive an email notification for each purchase.

Note: You can make your resource FREE or you can set a regular price and a referred price. With referred prices you won’t get charged a commission when teachers you referred purchase your resources.

No, reposting the same resource multiple times is not permitted. Utilize the resource description and tags to make the resource available to a broad audience. If you have resources which are different, enter them separately with a clear description which shows the differences. If duplicate resources are identified, Teacher’s Market will ensure duplicates are removed.

The seller sets the price for each resource including the option of offering it for free. The seller can differentiate prices for those referred by them versus people brought through the platform. Setting the right price for each resource is crucial. We advise sellers to consider the time and effort they put into creating each resource, as well as the complexity of the content. Researching similar resources on Teacher's Market can also give sellers an idea of a fair price.

Yes, sellers can set different prices for their resources, including a price only visible to those referred by them, and another price for everyone else. Additionally, sellers can also choose to offer a resource for free.

Accepted file types for product preview include .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tif, and .tiff.

You can use the following file types: .zip, .pdf, .ppt, .xml, .doc, .bmp, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tif, and .tiff.

You have two options to remove a resource. First, you can deactivate it, making it unavailable for sale but still editable and permitting it to be "reactivated" at a later time. Second, you can permanently delete the resource. Keep in mind that deleting a resource permanently means losing access to it forever. After deactivating or deleting a resource, it will no longer be available for purchase, but previous buyers can still access and download it. To remove a resource, go to the "Resources Created" section under the "My Resources" tab, and follow the corresponding steps.

The commission for resources sold from sellers to buyers they referred to is 0%, while the commission for resources sold to other buyers is 30%.

Fees charged by the credit card processor will be transferred to the seller at cost. This cost is currently 3.3% plus US$0.30 per transaction.

No, Teacher's Market does not charge any commission on resources that sellers sold to teachers they referred. However, resources sold to other buyers will have a 30% commission.

No, Teacher's Market does not charge any fees to the buyer of a resource. The price listed on the resource page is the amount the buyer will pay for the purchase of the resource.

Teacher's Market works with two payment processors, STRIPE and PAYONEER. As a seller, set up an account with one of these payment processors in the PROFILE tab and click on the PAYMENT button. Once a processor has been set up, you can transfer any Balance Available for Transfer to your account by going to the Dashboard tab and selecting the Transfer to Me button.

Payoneer is one of two payment processors that Teacher's Market uses to transfer earnings to sellers. Sellers who live in a country where Payoneer is available, can choose it as their payment processor. Payoneer charges a flat fee of US $1.50 for each transfer to their account, regardless of the amount being transferred. To minimize the cost percentage of these fees, you can wait for the balance to be larger before you transfer funds to your account. The minimum amount that can be transferred to sellers through Payoneer is US $7.00, and the minimum amount sellers can withdraw from their Payoneer account to their bank account is US$25.00 in the United States and US $50.00 abroad. Sellers can also request a Payoneer Debit card, which can be used to pay any amount from their Payoneer balance.

Stripe is one of two payment processors that Teacher's Market uses to transfer earnings to sellers. Sellers who live or have a bank account in a country where Stripe is available can choose to use it to process their payouts. Stripe charges a one-time monthly fee of US $2.00 for unlimited transfers in any given month. Additionally, Stripe charges a fee of 0.25% plus US $0.25 for each transfer.

When sellers make a transfer using Stripe, the funds will be transferred immediately to their Stripe account, and then automatically transferred to their linked bank account or debit card within 1 to 3 business days, depending on their bank or debit card.

For example, if they make a transfer of US $100.00, they will receive US $97.50 after the one-time US $2.00 monthly fee and the 0.25% plus US $0.25 fee for the transfer. If they make a second US $100 transfer in the same month, they will not be charged the US $2.00 one-time monthly fee again, but they will be charged the 0.25% and the US $0.25 fee per transaction. Therefore, they will receive a net amount of US $99.50 for the second transfer. After the two transfers, they will have transferred a total of US $200 and received a net amount of US $197.00.

The balance of payouts for all resources sold in the prior week will be released on Tuesdays (GMT +0) and reflected in your Dashboard. You can transfer funds immediately to your payout account,, where you can keep them or download them to your bank account or debit card. Fund transfers to bank accounts take between 1 and 3 days. You can also keep them in your Teacher’s Market Balance Available for Transfer until a time when the amount is large enough for the fees charged by the processor to represent a smaller percentage.

You can transfer funds from your "Balance Available for Transfer" found in your Dashboard whenever your balance exceeds US $7.00. Each week on Tuesday (GMT +0), the "Earnings Approved for Next Payout" (visible in Dashboard Details) from all resources sold up to the previous Sunday will be added to your "Balance Available for Transfer." You can decide whether to release your balance to your account immediately or wait until you have a larger amount to transfer.

Teacher's Market pays its sellers on a weekly basis to provide faster access to earnings. As a seller, it's important to have access to your earnings so that you invest them in your business and create more valuable resources for other teachers.

"Balance Available for Transfer" is the total amount of earnings that you have accumulated from selling resources in previous weeks, but have not yet transferred to your account. This amount can be transferred immediately to your payment processor account, subject to the minimum transfer requirement set by the payment processor, which is currently set at US $7.00.

Your earnings will be paid out in US Dollars. Depending on your location and payment processor, your earnings may be converted to your local currency when they are deposited into your bank account.

Yes, the minimum transfer amount for both payment processors (Stripe and Payoneer) is US $7.00. You can wait for the balance to be at a value that makes sense for you to transfer. The larger the amount you transfer, the less the processor fees will represent of your BALANCE AVAILABLE FOR TRANSFER.

We provide you with flexibility and control to transfer your balance to your account. Your BALANCE AVAILABLE FOR TRANSFER is found in your Dashboard. You can choose to transfer it immediately when the balance exceeds US $7.00 or wait until you have a higher balance to reduce the transfer fees as a percentage of your transfer. Earnings for the prior week become available each Tuesday (GMT +0).

Go to your DASHBOARD where you can find your total earnings as well as view graphs of earnings per resource, per buyer and filter results for different periods.

When someone buys one of your resources on Teacher's Market, they can rate your resource from 1 to 5 stars and leave a review. The star rating shown for your resource is an average of all ratings given by buyers who rated it. You have the ability to select which written reviews you would like to showcase in the description of your resources by using the "EDIT" icon in your Resources Created under MY RESOURCES tab.

Yes, you can choose which written reviews you want to showcase. To do this, go to the "Resources Created" section under the "My Resources" tab and use the pencil "EDIT" icon to select the specific written reviews you would like to showcase.

For the most part, since resources are digital downloads, sales are considered final. However, there are some exceptions in which a buyer can request a refund. These exceptions include:

  • Resource file(s) that are empty.
  • Resources that contain inappropriate material (i.e. suggested violence or pornography).
  • Resources that breach the content guidelines of Teacher’s Market.
  • Resources which have unmentioned technical limitations or have descriptions that are inconsistent with the actual resource sold.
  • Resources that infringe on the copyright of others.

Buyers have 24 hours from the time of the purchase to request a refund. In such cases, payment to the seller will be held and an investigation will be launched. The investigations could last up to 15 days. Following the investigation, both parties will be notified of a final decision. If the resource is found to violate content guidelines or to meet one of the criteria for a refund it will be removed from the platform and the buyer will receive a refund.

Sellers on Teacher's Market do not receive a W2s since they are considered independent operators and not employees. If the $600 per year threshold is surpassed, teachers in the US can request a 1099. We will require some additional information to complete your 1099. Teacher’s Market does not provide tax reports of any kind for any country outside of the US.

For privacy and security reasons, we do not provide personal information of buyers or sellers to each other. However, if you need to contact a buyer regarding a resource issue or refund, you can reach out to us at and we will act as an intermediary. Sending unsolicited messages to other members of the Teacher's Market community outside of the platform is not permitted and considered spam.


To purchase a resource on Teacher's Market, simply search for the resource on the homepage using any of the following: the name of the resource, a phrase, keywords, subject, or type. You can also search using the mosaic on the home page and filtering by grade. Once you have found the resource you want, click on the "See Details" button, then click the “Add to cart” button”. You can continue adding resources to your cart until you are ready to check out. When you are ready to complete your purchase, click on the "Checkout" button and proceed to the checkout page where you can pay using your credit or debit card, Paypal or Venmo. After completing your payment, your new resources will be available in your "My Purchases" page, accessible at any time. You can download or use them as many times as you need.

Yes, most resources on Teacher’s Market have a preview feature that allows you to view a sample before making a purchase.

Yes, you can rate and review a resource by clicking on the link provided in the email that you receive 12 hours after your purchase.

For the most part, since resources are digital downloads, sales are considered final. However, there are some exceptions in which a buyer can request a refund. These exceptions include:

  • Resource file(s) that are empty.
  • Resources that contain inappropriate material (i.e. suggested violence or pornography).
  • Resources that breach the content guidelines of Teacher’s Market.
  • Resources which have unmentioned technical limitations or have descriptions that are inconsistent with the actual resource sold.
  • Resources that infringe on the copyright of others.

Buyers have 24 hours from the time of the purchase to request a refund. In such cases, payment to the seller will be held and an investigation will be launched. The investigations could last up to 15 days. Following the investigation, both parties will be notified of a final decision. If the resource is found to violate content guidelines or to meet one of the criteria for a refund it will be removed from the platform and the buyer will receive a credit equal to the amount paid, which can be used for future purchases on Teacher's Market.

To request a refund, please email with the subject line "Refund Request" and provide the resource name, your concerns, and any pertinent details or screenshots.

Teacher's Market accepts payments from major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. The platform also accepts payment through PayPal and Venmo.

We're sorry, but we do not save credit card information for future purchases. Credit card transactions are processed by a third-party provider, and we do not have access to your credit card details for security and privacy reasons.

Teacher's Market offers a wide range of resources created by teachers for teachers to help improve the student's learning experience. These resources include lesson plans, activities, assessments, worksheets, classroom decorations, digital resources, and much more. The resources cover a variety of subjects, grade levels, and teaching styles, ensuring that every teacher can find something that fits their needs.

In addition, Teacher's Market offers resources that are aligned with various teaching standards, including Common Core, Next Generation Science Standards, and state-specific standards. This ensures that the resources are high quality and meet the specific requirements of each standard.

To ensure that a resource is appropriate for your students' grade level, you can use the search and filter function on the Teachers Market website. After searching for the resource you need, you can filter the results by grade level. Alternatively, you can use the mosaic feature on the homepage to search for resources based on grade level.

To find free resources on Teacher's Market, simply use the search function to look for the resource you need, and then toggle the "Free Resources" option on the right-hand side of the filter menu. Alternatively, you can sort your search results by price in ascending order, to view the lowest-priced resources first.

If you encounter a resource on Teacher's Market that violates intellectual property, inappropriate content policy, content guidelines or your personal privacy, you can report it. To do so, you can click the "Report this Resource" link after selecting the resource you want to buy and clicking on "SEE DETAILS", or click the "Report this Resource" link located underneath the "DOWNLOAD" button in your "MY PURCHASES" tab. Alternatively, you can send an email to with your information, the resource information, and the reason why you are reporting it.

For other issues, such as technical or printing issues, or if you are unhappy with a purchase, you should also send a message Your report of an issue will be kept confidential unless and until you give us your approval otherwise.


Check the file type. For a ZIP file, uncompress it first. For PDFs, ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. Use "Shrink Oversized Pages" and "Print as Image" options under "Page Sizing & Handling" and "Advanced" settings before printing if necessary.

Ensure ZIP files are fully extracted and open the PDF in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Download the latest version of Adobe Reader if necessary. Open Adobe Reader first before selecting the document to print within the program.

If you encounter issues downloading a resource, refresh or change your browser and ensure your internet connection is stable, and try again. If downloading is restricted on school computers, download the file on a personal computer and save it onto a USB drive or send it via email. If you are still having issues, contact our support team for assistance.

Check if the download is complete and not restricted on a school computer. Refer to the product page for file type information and check for specific assistance. If still unable to open, contact Teacher's Market at for further assistance and avoid leaving negative feedback for the Seller at this time.

A zip file is an archive file format used for compressing and combining one or more files into a single file. It must be extracted before accessing the contents. To extract a zip file, right-click on it and select "Extract All." Choose a location to extract the files and wait for the process to finish. Third-party software like WinZip or 7-Zip can also be used. Online websites like and can also be used for extraction.

PDF stands for "Portable Document Format" and it is a file format developed by Adobe that can be viewed and printed on any device. It is commonly used for documents that contain text, images, hyperlinks, interactive buttons, and forms. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the recommended software for viewing PDFs and it is available for free. PDFs are typically not editable, but some may be semi-editable, allowing you to add text boxes. Other file formats like Word or PowerPoint may be better options if you need to make significant edits to a document.

If you see an error message stating that the contents of a ZIP file containing PDFs are empty, it may be because the default program for ZIP extraction has been changed. To fix this, configure your default ZIP extraction software correctly, and avoid using web browsers like Microsoft Edge. After extracting the files, use Adobe Reader to view the PDFs.

We recommend using Mozilla Firefox, although our marketplace is compatible with commonly used browsers such as Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge. It's best to use an updated browser for optimal performance. For the latest features, enable cookies and JavaScript. If you have trouble installing resources on mobile, reach out to

If you have missing images or black lines in your PDF, it may be due to using an outdated or incompatible PDF viewer. For Windows or Mac, download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDFs. To use Adobe Acrobat Reader on a Mac, ensure it's installed and set as the default program for opening PDFs. Adobe Acrobat Reader is the most recommended and compatible option.

Compress your PDF file to make it easier to download, open, and print. Use Adobe Acrobat Professional optimization tools or a free online compression program. Make sure your PDF file can still be printed even if it's secure. If you're including PDF files in a zip file resource, mention it in the resource description.

To include multiple files, create a folder and place all the files in it. Compress the folder into a ZIP file before uploading it as your resource. Avoid using special characters in file and folder names and use only alphanumeric characters. On a Mac, highlight the folder and choose "Compress [folder name]" from the "File" menu to create a ZIP file. On a PC, right-click the folder, choose "Send to" and then "Compressed (zipped) folder" to create a ZIP file.

If your resource exceeds the 500MB file size limit, you won't be able to upload it. However, you can host the resource on a third-party site and provide a link to it in a PDF document that you can upload as the downloadable resource. Make sure to clearly explain this in your resource description so buyers know to expect an additional step. It's your responsibility to ensure that the link remains accessible and the resource can be downloaded without any issues. Remember that buyers should retain access to their purchased resource, even if you deactivate or delete it from Teacher's Market.

A preview is a condensed version of your resource that allows prospective buyers to get a glimpse of what your resource offers before they decide to make a purchase. It usually consists of 1-3 images, and it's essential to showcase the resource's value without revealing too much content. Including a preview is required to publish your resource, and it can significantly increase your chances of making a sale.

Teacher’s Market is an online marketplace that specializes in educational resources. You can publish various types of resources like worksheets, activities, calendars, lesson plans, printables, and more, with a focus on enhancing the quality of education through innovation and accessibility.

However, there are certain types of content that are not allowed in Teacher’s Market. Resources that infringe on intellectual property, contain inappropriate content, are non-educational, direct buyers to other sales channels, or that are published in other platforms with inconsistent pricing are not permitted.

To sell resources on Teacher's Market, you must follow the general community guidelines and adhere to specific rules for sellers. These rules include: being a good community member, following content guidelines, setting and honoring prices, being accurate and honest, maintaining accessibility, respecting intellectual property rights, not directing users to alternative sales channels, and following feedback guidelines. Violations of these guidelines can result in removal of resources and closure of seller accounts.

Teacher’s Market is designed to be a safe, supportive, and collaborative community for educators to share and discover new and better ways to teach. To ensure that Teacher’s Market remains a positive and respectful environment for everyone, we have established a set of guidelines that all users must follow.

First and foremost, we expect all users to be kind and to avoid using Teacher’s Market to harm, threaten, stalk, intimidate, or harass anyone. We want our community to be a welcoming and inclusive space for all educators.

Additionally, we require all users to be respectful. This means refraining from publishing resources that contain material that is obscene, libelous, racially or ethnically disparaging, sexually explicit, derogatory, culturally insensitive, or otherwise offensive or objectionable. We reserve the right to determine what is offensive or objectionable, and we expect all users to use good judgment and discretion when publishing resources.

We also expect all users to be truthful and to avoid providing information or publishing resources with content that is false, deceitful, misleading, or inaccurate. Impersonating someone else on Teacher’s Market is strictly prohibited, as is using a misleading email address or IP address to disguise your location or the origin of information you are providing or publishing.

When making purchases on Teacher’s Market, we ask that buyers make informed decisions by reviewing resource previews, reading resource descriptions including software requirements, and using common sense when it comes to intellectual property concerns before making a purchase. Mistaken purchases may not be eligible for a refund.

Spamming is not allowed on Teacher’s Market. Unsolicited or unauthorized invitations, advertisements, or promotional materials should not be sent or posted through our services, and the contact information of other users should only be used to fulfill purchases and deliver resources or other solicited materials or services. This section does not limit a Seller’s ability to purchase promotional space, or advertise on other platforms or services.

Finally, we expect all members to comply with applicable laws and to avoid using Teacher’s Market for any illegal or unauthorized purposes. This includes publishing resources with content that is fraudulent, unlawful, or that violates the intellectual property, privacy, or any other rights of someone else.

In summary, we ask that all users be respectful, truthful, law-abiding, and use common sense when using Teacher’s Market.

The Inappropriate Content Policy of Teacher's Market is a crucial aspect of ensuring a safe, respectful, and inclusive community of educators. Our platform is home to a diverse group of teachers from around the world, all of whom are dedicated to providing the best possible resources to their students. We believe that respecting different backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs is essential for maintaining the integrity of our community and the quality of our resources.

To achieve this goal, we have established a set of guidelines that prohibit certain types of content from being published on our platform. We ask all users to refrain from publishing resources with content that trivializes traumatic experiences like the Holocaust, slavery, or natural disasters. Also, avoid disrespecting, discriminating against, or marginalizing others. Lastly, refrain from posting inappropriate content for the intended age group, including pornographic or obscene imagery or language. If any content that violates these guidelines comes to our attention, we reserve the right to ask the user to revise or remove it. Repeated violations may result in the closure of the user's store.

We take the issue of inappropriate content very seriously, and we are committed to ensuring that our platform remains a safe and supportive space for all educators. By following these guidelines, we can continue to foster a diverse and inclusive community where all teachers and their students can thrive.

Teacher's Market strictly prohibits intellectual property infringement and expects all community members to respect the intellectual property rights of others. As a Seller, you must publish original resources that either contain content you created or have the right to use. If we receive notice of infringement, we will remove the resource and may close the Seller's account.

If your resource is found to violate Intellectual Property policies, it will be removed and you will be notified. You will have 10 business days to file a counter-notice on the resource in question. Refunds will be issued to buyers who purchased the resource within the past year. Any earnings from those refunded purchases will be deducted from your current or future earnings.

If a resource is removed due to Intellectual Property Infringement, Teacher's Market deducts the refund amount from the seller's earnings, either from current or future earnings. If the refunded amount exceeds the current earnings, Teacher's Market withholds future earnings until the total amount is covered.

An image found online does not mean you have the right to use it in your resources. It's important to ensure that you have permission to use any images you include. The safest option is to create your own, but if that's not feasible, there are many resources available in Teacher’s Market and other image and clip art libraries. Be sure to read and understand the licensing rules before using any images.

Fair Use is a legal exception that allows the use of copyrighted material without permission. However, it's ultimately up to a judge to decide what constitutes Fair Use in a court of law. As a seller, it's recommended to use only original work or get written permission from the original creator before using their work. There are certain categories of use that get special treatment under the law, including teaching, criticism, news reporting, and commentary. However, using another person's commercially is not given special consideration. The exception to this rule is work that has aged out of copyright protection and is in the public domain. Determining if a work is in the public domain can be challenging.

If you're unsure whether the content you want to use is copyrighted, it's best to assume that it is. To avoid any legal issues, it's safest to only use work that you've created yourself. If you must use someone else's work, make sure to check for fair use exceptions or obtain permission from the creator.

This is because we are required to follow the legal process outlined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). When a copyright or trademark owner notifies us of infringement, they must provide the URLs of the allegedly infringing resources. We are only authorized to remove the resources specified in the notice. If a similar resource hasn't been removed, it may be because the copyright or trademark owner didn't identify it as infringing in their notice. Similar resources by other sellers may be acceptable due to licensing or fair use, among other reasons. Copyright and trademark issues are complicated, and it can be challenging for anyone who isn't the copyright or trademark owner to determine if something is infringing.

Yes, your resource is protected without registering and copyrighting it. As the creator of original work, you automatically own the copyright to it and are entitled to exclusive rights. However, registering your copyright provides additional legal protection and benefits, such as the ability to bring a lawsuit against someone who has infringed on your work and eligibility for more legal remedies if you win. The U.S. Copyright Office is responsible for registering copyrights.

The answer depends on your school's copyright ownership policies. In the U.S., people who create resources usually own the rights to the original work as long as it's created outside the scope of their employment. However, please check as your school may have specific policies that define the boundaries for creating and owning resources. These policies may vary, and schools may claim ownership if you use school time, resources, or funds to create your resources. It's critical to review your school's policies to ensure that you own the content you create. If you have questions about the policies or the law, it's best to consult an attorney who specializes in intellectual property law.

No, we cannot assist you in taking action against the unauthorized use of your intellectual property on another website. The only person who can identify and request removal of infringing content is the copyright owner. In the event that we are notified that your resource has been found on another website, we will inform you so that you can take appropriate action. As a seller, it's critical to understand your rights. We recommend seeking assistance from an attorney if you have this situation.

When choosing a title for your resource, it's important to avoid infringing on someone's intellectual property. This is especially true for trademarks. Titles themselves can't be copyrighted, but they can be trademarked if they're unique enough. For example, you couldn't use the title "Coca-Cola Cookbook" as it's trademarked. Using a brand name or trademarked term in your title can also be problematic if it suggests that your resource is made or endorsed by that brand or company. The safest option is to come up with your own unique title that doesn't include trademarked terms or names. If you do choose to use a trademarked term, it's best to indicate that your resource is "for use with" or "compatible with" the other product to avoid confusion.